About Me

I grew up in a family with 9 kids! We always had a blast in everything we did, but one of my highlights of childhood was organizing, cleaning, and shopping at yard sales. Guess you could call me a strange kid. But, when my momma would ask me to organize her closet I was tickled to pieces and organization became a game to me. Yard sales became our fun outings being packed in a station wagon with a sack lunch and pennies we had earned through the week. The memories and tremendous teaching I received from my momma has really been the desire behind developing this blog through the years. Nothing that I do is any praise to me, but to the praise of my loving Savior. It has been through His grace alone that has allowed me to better care for my family and our home.

Well, my friends, not much has changed in my desires as I’ve grown “older.” I love to organize and love finding the challenges that come with having 5 children, homeschooling, and decorating our home. We thrive off of yard sales, thrift stores, craigslist, and an occasional antique store (greatly discounted). It is always fun to purchase brand name items for “pennies” a piece. I look forward to sharing my “tricks,” “secrets,” and just fun information as I learn what works for us in and out of our home. Thanks for stopping by!

I married my best friend, Brian 14 years ago! What a treasure I have acquired and I am eternally blessed with his friendship, love, and godly leadership. We love doing anything outdoors together especially golf. And, to seal the deal he loves to bargain shop with me!! I cannot complain when he walks through the door holding his loot from Goodwill too.

We are thrilled to be serving as a team as the assistant (youth/music) pastor at a dear little church in the heart of Georgia. We have had a deep burden for young people for many years, and are so excited to see Jesus give us the desires of our hearts in ministering in this way.  

Our family doesn’t stop there…

Almost 14 years later we have been blessed with 5 sweet munchkins.

Andrew is 13 and loves to build anything and everything. He loves to help me rearrange and has tremendous initiative. He is becoming a great golfer too! He has the biggest heart for people and actively serves in whatever way he can. He is also an avid reader.

Chloe is 11 and loves creating crafts and more. She is my sweet and very quiet girl, but is a great helper. We have enjoyed baking and cooking together on many occasions. She is also an avid reader and crafter.

Madelynn is 8 and a fireball in every way! She talks nonstop and keeps everyone laughing with her million questions and her million crazy thoughts. Maddie is my willing helper in every way. She LOVES to sing!

Elianna is 6 and is quickly developing an independent personality. I guess she inherits that from her mommy (poor girl). She is definitely into everything, but loves her sisters and brother very much.

Kinsley Faith is 2 and is in love with her older siblings! She loves to “help” even when it isn’t really helping. She’s a ball of energy!

So glad you stopped by for a visit. Would love for you to follow and would appreciate any feedback or comments you have.

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