Little fixes go a long way

Our back hallway gets visited and is used OFTEN. Our front door rarely gets opened, but I do not mind one bit. I’ve enjoyed working on this little space at different times during the past year. It went from the above picture to this…after I tackled a little “mud room” wall space with a shelf, bench, and place to hang coats, purses, and decor.

While I loved the changes, there was still a little thing that drove me crazy every time I walked into the door. See that spot to the left of the door? It has our mail catch all and our key holder. The paint was chipped in a ton of spaces, keys had hung and marked up the wall, and children’s hands are placed here multiple times of the day. It desperately needed something to make that little section pop and not make me crazy every time I opened the door.

I grabbed a few pieces of my “ship-lap” stock and put together a small sign to then hang our postal basket and key holder on top of. It added a much needed pop of wood tons and a nice backdrop to avoid extra wall damage from constant use. And, a mini project for free is always a win win in this house.

Our name sign was made and given to us by friends years ago. It has moved with us many times and is a constant reminder of sweet memories and friendships scattered all over the globe. The key holder was a quarter find at a yard sale a few summers ago.

What minor changes are you tackling this week?

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