End Table Lovin’

End table before I took to giving it some much needed love…

I love how bright our living room is when the sunshine just pours itself through the big wall of windows. Let me just say, it is an amazing place to sit and sip coffee and read a good book when the view are gorgeous fields and amazing sun rises. But, there is an eye sore in this picture for me. I mean, you may see a couple, but one has stared at me for months and I just never had time to jump into this project. You see that little white end table on the left? It has seen better days. I mean…much better. I got it for $3 at a yard sale last fall and just stuck it next to the couch since I hadn’t found one to almost match the one on the right. I saw potential in it, but just never made time for it.

So, I finally made time for it…

It had about 7 coats of spray paint on it of which I stripped and sanded only to find that the top was a plastic piece of some kind, so I just removed the whole thing altogether. My handy dandy supply of wood came to the rescue as I quickly constructed my own wooden top for the table. The whole table was repainted and my hardware got a good coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Now my little end table seems to shine with a little bit of character instead of nasty paint, all white, and a burn mark on the top.

So, as my light shines in through our glorious windows, this little $3 beauty makes me smile knowing I had a part in making it just a tad more beautiful in my space. Hope you, sweet readers, have a happy week. I’m off to prep for a special teen retreat this weekend. Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend.

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