Bench Makeover

$5 bench top and a few little joyful decorations

The summer has flown by, and several wonder if I’m still around the blog scene. I’ve had a “bit” on my plate, but I’m still here. We’ve been going in many directions with family stuff, ministry, and just crazy life in general. I have not tackled tons of projects on our home this summer, but I have enjoyed doing a few things recently. At the beginning of the summer I visited a church yard sale and found an old bench top. I threw it on top of an already existing bench and it sat for months.

I had an end table in our garage that I pulled the legs off of and attached to the seat. And, my handy dandy stash of drop cloths came in for the win to recover the seat.. A little stapling and screw gun action made for an easy project to be completed in about 20 minutes.

I used screws to give the tufted look and drop cloth covered buttons to glue into place in order to hide the screw heads. Probably a bit unconventional, but I love how it turned out.

Sometimes seeing potential in something can make for a beautiful addition to your home. I snatched the old seat up knowing that it would be pretty somewhere after some much needed tlc. Little did I know I’d be this happy about the final piece. I’ve already been on the lookout for 2 large crates or baskets to place under the bench. For now, I stole my basket that sits under my coffee station, because I love how it looks. Shopping the house is always a fun and free way to change up some decor too.

What fun pieces or projects have you tackled this summer? I’m excited to share a few more in the next couple weeks.

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