Living room finds

I haven’t made many changes to this room for awhile. And, I find myself content to leave things as they are because it works. Every now and then, I will find a small piece of decor that I pick up to add a bit of fresh or just a temporary change. I don’t decorate for every season, and I don’t do the holiday mantel changes I did years ago. I’m within a season of simplifying, and I am thankful in this season. It can be crazy busy, but I’ll keep it. Oh, and it’s way less to dust too!

The jute rug was found at a random yard sale this past winter for $25. Rugs are the perfect ways to add texture and fun to a room. They are never fun to roll up and clean under, but I figured that is a small sacrifice to make to keep my home beautiful to me.

The matching farmhouse iron lamps were found on marketplace last summer. I paid $10 a piece and could not tell you how much of a deal that was for me to find. I was the first of 40 people who commented and was glad I got there first to claim them!

I found this wooden candle holder a few weeks back on a green clearance at Kirklands. It was $7 and I was skipping out of the store because I had a 25% off entire transaction too. It graces its presence on the coffee table; for a time at least…

Back in March, my husband and I enjoyed a week away at a retreat. One of the days he enjoyed golfing with some guys and I ventured into a quaint little town with some sweet friends for shopping and lunch. I picked up this cool old seed box from a fun store. It holds pillows and blankets, of course, and sits on top of my wicker linen trunk.

Life has indeed heaped upon me lots of busy schedules and many responsibilities…thus the reason the blog has not been touched. I have good intentions, but need to do better. Hope you enjoyed some of my recent finds that keep our living room at its finest. Have to run…hosting a sweet ladies music group for the evening. Til’ next time…

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