Dining Room at a glance

Several weeks ago I finally tackled painting our dining room! It’s been on my list for over a year, but you know the story… it is one of the busiest rooms in the house serving as our eating place, schoolroom, game room, and more. It sees a great deal of use and tends to get forgotten when it comes to changing because it would leave the household in uproar if in upheaval for very long. Thus…it wasn’t happening.

Yet, I figured now was the time, and I wanted to see a brighter room once and for all. Our hutch is a black and I don’t have any intention of changing that other than putting a beadboard backing on it eventually. I ended up going with the same color as the kitchen and the living room…Behr Wheat Bread. Yep, it’s my favorite, and it compliments my decor and our space perfectly.


I love how the sunshine just pours in this window. One of my favorite morning routines is starting my cup of coffee and opening the blinds in preparation for the morning light to brighten up any day.

After a fresh coat of Wheat Bread

I found another jute rug at a yard sale for $40 so this one got moved from the living room and put under the table. I wasn’t sure how long I’d leave it here, but I’m in love. I love hardwood floors, but the dust…..🙄

Thankful for a cheap, quick change to give this room a major uplift. Have a happy weekend, friends.

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