Morning musings,  Victory in Jesus

Morning musings

Often, I sit in the comfort of my home and do lots of thinking. Like enough thinking that calls for two cups of coffee and a whole lot of heart searching time.😏 Often, it’s within the quietness (as quiet as a house with 7 people can get), that I am reminded of my blessed truths and promises that I cling to on a daily basis. Over the last few weeks I’ve had several face-to-face counseling sessions, texting conversations, messaging, and phone conversations that have pushed me to my knees. I find my heart so burdened this morning as I bring many within daily battles before the throne of Grace. Marriages are falling apart, teens are rebelling, friends are living in daily defeat, cancer is spreading, drugs are taking over young people, families are ripped apart, and loved ones are dying. I find over and over again that I daily fail, falter, and live in such a way that does not reflect my Jesus. It’s true that Satan is on the prowl and is daily and actively seeking to destroy me and those I hold dear within the walls of our little home. Our sweet church had a group of about 15 just return home from a mission trip to a third world country. They came home changed in many ways. As they shared sweet, life changing testimonies, I couldn’t help but remember what life living in a third world country was like. I pulled out my daily journals from my 9 months in West Africa and wept remembering how Jesus has rattled my whole heart and life. I remember the closeness I felt and the BIG things I saw His mighty hand control. I remember wrestling with the malaria, the scorpions, the poverty, the danger, and the ever increasing control of Satans’ hands even in a mud hut village of needy people. But, despite all of the memories, I came to a moment that Jesus reminded me that He has me right here….in a little rural town in Georgia. He has chosen for this to be my little mission field and I must live like Jesus in a way that pleases Him here and now. Many are just like me…. a momma wanting what’s best for my children, a wife wanting to be the best help meet and friend for my hard working husband, a home maker in a home that is everything I ever wanted, a Christian who is growing in Christ-likeness and actively serving Him in whatever capacity He gives, and a friend who has sweet encouraging moments with others just like me. I’m not the world’s crunchy, perfect momma, I fail at being a kind, happy wife, I prioritize my home in a way that often is not pleasing to Jesus, I fail often at having a vibrant walk with Jesus within my devotions and prayer life, and I am not being a good, encouraging friend like Jesus wants me to be to others. All this to say, aren’t you so very thankful that God’s grace is ultimately sufficient to handle the things you face every single day? 2 Corinthians 12:9 needs to be plastered to our foreheads!😊

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness.

Satan will do his absolute best to feed you lies…
  • You aren’t good enough
  • Your image is not one that measures up
  • You can’t do it
  • You will just fail so what’s the use in trying
  • You aren’t smart enough
  • You aren’t pretty enough
  • You aren’t like her
  • Your home isn’t pinterest worthy
  • Your kids are horrible
  • You are a bad mom
  • Look at them…

None of us are capable of perfection. But, we can have victory in our struggles, and Christ alone can give strength to rise above the lies satan so desperately wants to send our way.
Proverbs 24:16 reminds us…
For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again:
It’s an attitude of knowing that we are nothing without Christ. We are to walk with Him and allow Him to use us in the capacity He gives us. Perhaps right now it is within a difficult church situation, leadership conflict, physical ailment, death of a loved one, teenage rebellion, drug abuse, verbal abuse, marriage in upheaval? I don’t know your need, I can’t always relate within every struggle, but I do serve a God of the universe who knows every single thing about you to the very number of hairs on your head. He alone can and desires to give victory as you walk each day with Him at your side.

Something that Jesus has been working in me about is really having a growing and thriving relationship with Him. If our devotions suffer….EVERYTHING suffers. I am aware of it and many days I prioritize that…but some days I don’t. And, those days fall apart. I desperately want to be like Jesus. Run to Jesus, friend! We will fail along the way, but getting back up and begging Him for the strength and victory to tackle the day is vital. I pray each of us run through the weekend remembering to put on the armor of God as we seek to destroy the deathly darts of the devil. Don’t live a defeated Christian life! There is Joy in serving Jesus when He’s first place in your life.

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