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$4.46 “Beauty”

I am not out and about as much anymore since hubby has the van at work, but when I get the chance to walk through a Goodwill I don’t take that moment lightly. Last week I ran in to look for a needed shirt for our upcoming cantata. But, I just HAD to walk through the pillow and house ware section. They had some gorgeous furniture for great prices. I fell in love with a huge dresser they had and so would have bought it.

But, I did spot this “beauty”! I saw it and wrinkled my nose at it, but my inward desire to see great potential looked a bit closer. It was solid wood and had several neat features. I loved the legs and the hardware was great. The best part about this find was the price…$4.46! Guess they thought it was just that ugly.

end table before

I found a name brand shirt for the cantata and 2 adorable pillows too. Since I donated a few articles of clothing a few weeks back I received a 10% off coupon, so I scanned that at checkout making my total around $11 for all that stuff. I was pretty excited.

My “Beauty” didn’t stay in its former glory very long. I gave it a good cleaning and sanded a bit and put a nice coat of white paint. I still plan to spray paint the hardware and maybe eventually distress the entire piece, but for now it is perfectly filling a random space in our family room.

 end table

I just love what thrifting can do for my home.

family room end table

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